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When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend.
- U.S. Marine Corps

What is Happening

A meeting of the War Decorated Trust was held on Thursday at Chandigarh. The following Trustees were present:

  • Brig Sant Singh, MVC** (in the Chair)
  • Brig NS Sandhu, MVC
  • Brig KS Chandpuri, MVC, VSM
  • Capt Reet MP Singh, VrC

Discussion centered around passing the audited accounts for the year 2012-2013 and the Scholarship Scheme of the Trust.



Vir Chakra (VrC)
Awardee: Sep Chothi Singh, VrC

Gazette Notification: 2 Pres 50, 26-1-50
Operation: 1948 Polo - Hyderabad
Date of Award: 15 Nov 1948

15 November 1948, a company of 4 Rajput was ordered to capture a position west of Pindras. Sepoy Chothi Singh was in the forward-most section during the company's advance to the objective. Owing to heavy opposition from the enemy and most difficult climb, the company could not capture the objective. The Company Commander was ordered to attack the enemy from both flanks. As soon as both platoons prepared to assault, the enemy opened up with automatics. As a result, Sepoy Chothi Singh was badly wounded and in great pain. Sepoy Chothi Singh refused to be evacuated and continued advancing as boldly as ever towards the enemy through pouring bullets. As he was advancing, he suddenly saw an enemy sitting in a well camouflaged dug-in position with a grenade in his hand ready to throw it at our troops. Sepoy Chothi Singh never for a moment considering his own safety dashed towards the enemy who threw the grenade on the Sepoy But before the grenade exploded, Sepoy Chothi Singh with all his courage and speed had jumped into the trench and bayoneted the enemy and occupied that position.

In this action, Sepoy Chothi Singh showed an excellent example of self-sacrifice, supreme courage and gallantry.

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PVC : 21
MVC : 219
VrC : 1317
Air Force : 224
Army : 1249
BSF : 13
Civillian : 3
CRPF : 1
Navy : 67

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