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Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.
- Karl von Clausewitz

What is Happening

A meeting of the War Decorated Trust was held on Thursday at Chandigarh. The following Trustees were present:

  • Brig Sant Singh, MVC** (in the Chair)
  • Brig NS Sandhu, MVC
  • Brig KS Chandpuri, MVC, VSM
  • Capt Reet MP Singh, VrC

Discussion centered around passing the audited accounts for the year 2012-2013 and the Scholarship Scheme of the Trust.



Vir Chakra (VrC)
Awardee: Brig Gobind Singh Sharma, VrC

Gazette Notification: 58 Pres 62,10-9-62
Operation: 1961 Vijay - Goa Liberation
Date of Award: 05 Dec 1961

On 5 December 1961, a company 311 GR commanded by Major Gobind Singh Sharma was ordered to clear an enemy road block at a vital communication centre in the Congo. The enemy was occupying well dug-in positions and was supported by heavy medium machine guns and mortars. The troops under Major Sharma launched an attack despite heavy machine gun and mortar fire and closed in with the enemy. Major Sharma personally led the bayonet charge and established his company at the roadblock. The enemy staged two counter attacks but these were repelled. 

Major Sharma displayed leadership and gallantry of a high order against heavy odds.

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PVC : 21
MVC : 219
VrC : 1317
Air Force : 224
Army : 1249
BSF : 13
Civillian : 3
CRPF : 1
Navy : 67

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